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After he tries out for the part, the scene cuts to a member of the show's staff, who asks the producer what he thought of Le Blanc's performance.

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More and more, however, these once cosy get-togethers have begun to resemble something more akin to a self-help group than a chance to catch up over a low-fat latte.

Which is hardly surprising, perhaps, given the increasingly parlous state of their respective careers - not to mention the trio's equally disastrous private lives.

Dressed down in jeans and T-shirts, they are marked out only by the arrival at their table of a procession of nervous fellow diners bearing paper napkins for the three men to sign.

Indeed, were it not for the presence of these impromptu autograph-hunters, the casual observer would be forgiven for thinking they were watching a scene from the fictional Central Perk coffee shop, made famous in the much-loved sitcom Friends.

One leading American casting director told me this week: 'Matt's career is flatlining.

It might seem like he's lowering himself to take this new cable series, but it's a case of needs-must to try to keep his profile up.

There were also rumours he was seeing his co-star in Joey, Andrea Anders.

To make matters worse, the stripper, Stephanie Stephens, launched a libel action against Le Blanc after he shamefacedly confessed their liaison to an American newspaper and accused her of egging him on.

Suffice to say that, these days, their meetings are hardly a bundle of laughs. After four years during which his career has resembled a tundra-like wasteland and following the humiliating cancellation of his Friends spin-off series, Joey, in 2006, he has at long last landed another acting job.

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