Friend stream htc not updating Telugu online chat rooms with out registration

On HTC phones Friend Stream is a social networking application available by default on the newest version of HTC Sense.Besides showing off the Desire, the Legend and the Windows Mobile-based HD mini, HTC also showcased a new version of its Sense UI (available only on the new Androids, and not on the HD mini), which has several very cool features.This is referred to as the HBOOT menu as written on your screen.

Yes I have contacted the user and asked for her to do a post but check her settings. I told her to just write 'test' and change the privacy settings to 'everyone' and still nothing.

I didnt have her linked so I linked her and still nothing I tried to pick from my selection of friends from my Facebook acct (after removing the link) and refreshed my status updates (Friend Stream Application) and still nothing.

For example, the browser now has a very nice way to copy and paste, as well as to check out dictionary definitions for a word.

The feature I liked the best, though, is the Friend Steam.

Install HTC Sync (if not installed already) and then uninstall it.

Keep in mind to only uninstall “HTC Sync” mentioned in Add or Remove programs, we need the remaining HTC services as they have the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) drivers that “Unrevoked” needs to root your device.

Now restart your phone by holding down the volume down and power button simultaneously.

A white screen should turn on with information regarding your cell and some menus.

Are you looking to see what’s going on in you social networks then you can get it with single place to check all those friends updates.

Friend Stream on HTC Sense On your HTC phone you would be using Friend Stream to keep updated with your friends circle.

The first step to modifying your stock Desire, is rooting it.

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