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But overall not impressed, and will not be buying again.For the few extra bucks just go with the spro frog, they also cast further.This frog allowed me to catch a nice 2 pounder along with the biggest fish of my life so far it weighed 7.1 pounds. MANY big bass on this frog as well as missed hook sets. I caught a nice 5 1/2 largemouth on one in the tiger black color, but thats the only thing it did well.

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From: Comments: Great frog walks easy, sharp/strong hooks, good colors, decent price.

Now the downfall the frog itself is pretty durable but the paint peels off after a couple good hits from fish. *** From: Comments: Once you trim the skirt on this frog, It will walk like no other.

From: Comments: These frogs honestly don't look that bad in the water, Just trim the skirt a little. From: Comments: Ive had good success with the frog when and only when I bend the hooks a little bit.

I don't think its a softness issue as much as it doesn't seem to be as thick as the Spro or Ish's phat frog. I'm going to make some modifications to the hook angles, but I don't have to do that with the Bronzeye.

It's just not durable enough for a frog, but you will catch fish.

I recommend trimming the skirt about 1/2 inch and it will "walk" better.

I love strike king products but im gonna use scumfrogs till they change it or come out with something better.

Also id like to see a little bit bigger frog with a super soft body.

From: Comments: Awesome action,look,and most importantly feel.

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