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"Produced in association with The Critical Resistance Conference, Berkeley, Calif., Sept. Produced in conjunction with Deep Dish TV's America Behind Bars series & The Prison Activist Resource Center." 1999? Video/C 6451 For many African-Americans, simply having dark skin seems to be grounds for being pulled over by police and searched for drugs. Video/C 8641 Visits correctional institutions in Texas, Florida and California, uncovering penal systems with deeply ingrained cultures of punishment, where prisoners are routinely abused, even tortured, by prison guards. DVD 4775 Criminologists, media critics and other experts discuss the forces behind crime hysteria in the United States, why American prisons don't work, the economic costs of crime and the large social and economic impact of white collar crime. 18, 1996, Arizona began the first female chain gang.

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In the 2-1 decision on this day, the dissenting judge made reference to the court possibly apologizing for its decision because of the unpleasant result that Nazis would be allowed to march.

The majority opinion replied with the following defense of freedom of speech and assembly: Although we would have thought it unnecessary to say so, it apparently deserves emphasis in the light of the dissent’s reference to this court apologizing as to the result, that our regret at the use appellees’ plan to make of their rights is not in any sense an apology for upholding the First Amendment.

Having won in court, however, the group chose not to appear in Skokie, and instead staged a demonstration in Chicago on July 9, 1978.

The Supreme Court denied to hear an appeal of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals decision, leaving it standing.

The following list is a sampling of some of the materials in MRC which deal with important social, political, and cultural issues in America. The film also examines the debate in California over a series of social studies textbooks which are under fire from critics, who charge that they do not adequately reflect California's multicultural heritage. In part 2, a diverse group of 23 students from 6 major American universities spend 3 days together to collectively challenge one another with dialogue focusing on such topics as the concept of individual responsibility, feeling separated from each other, wanting others to understand and what can be done to move awareness to action. Philip Habib, former Undersecretary of State and Special Presidential Envoy to the Middle East, delivers the keynote address on American foreign policy and the Middle East. DVD 6003 Focuses on documenting one day in the life of Boris Bezotechestvo, a murderer serving his entire sentence in solitary confinement in a prison situated on a small Island on Lake Novozero in central Russia.

Consult MRC's subject videographies for other titles of interest on these topics. Video/C 1718 Film examines racial problems of urban areas focusing on the 1974 riots in Boston that were triggered by busing of children from the predominantly Black community of Roxbury to Charlestown with a mostly Irish population. Video/C 455 - U-matic format, at NRLF #: B 4 175 250 "Aging out" chronicles the daunting obstacles that three young people in foster care encounter as they "age out" of the system and are suddenly on their own for the first time. The filmmaker explores what happens when nothing happens.An exchange of views and a discussion on affirmative action between Charles Murray, Senior Research Fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, New York, and Ronald Takaki, Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Time can be spent conversing with God - or maybe with the Devil. Segement from the television program Rights & wrongs, 1993. Video/C 6695 This documentary tells the dramatic and compelling story of the exonerated - innocent men wrongfully imprisoned for decades and then released after DNA evidence proved their innocence. S., Aileen Wuornos, and the opportunists who used her story. Video/C MM229 [sound recording]Dorothy Allison (:30) -- Dedication (:56) -- From death row (:36) -- War on the poor () -- Cornel West (:41) -- Media is the mirage () -- Ronald Hampton (:29) -- True African American history () -- Sister Helen Prejean (:36) -- When ineffective means effective () -- Howard Zinn (:28) -- Death: the poor's perogative? Joyce Elders (:18) -- A rap thing () -- Alice Walker (:26) -- Mother loss () -- William Kunstler introduction () -- Acting like life's a ballgame read by William Kunstler () -- Ramona Africa (:43) -- May 13 remembered, part 2 () --Juan Gonzalez (:45) -- Seeds of wisdom () -- Martin Sheen (:24) -- NAFTA: a pact made in Hell () -- Robert Meeropol () -- De Profundis () -- Justice Bruce Wright (:37) -- No law, no rights () -- Assata Shakur () -- Sweet Roxanne () -- Manning Marable (:43) -- Blackmun bows out of death game () -- Judy Bari (:36) -- It's not nice to fool with mother nature () -- John Edgar Wideman (:43) -- South Africa (). Sound/D 42 The growing reliance on prisons as the solution to systematic social problems, has created a punishment industry that bleeds taxpayers as it wields repression against the poor, immigrants and minorities.Video/C 1409 Contents: The impact of affirmative action on the University of California, Berkeley (105 min.) -- Affirmative action: Where do we go from here? 1-2 Explores the historical roots of affimative action and the current debate over its usefulness. Army, federal aid to minority businesses, and affirmative action in the Chicago Police Dept. Video/C 4999 All sides in the affirmative action debate say that they believe in the Constitutional right to equality regarding race, creed and sex, but they bring very different interpretations to what that means. Lewis, Antonia Hernandez, Suzan Shown Harjo, Diane Chin, Robert L. Boris asks himself whether he should try to go insane. The film focuses on the gripping story of seven men and their emotional journey back into society and efforts to rebuild their lives. They include the born-again Christian woman who adopted Aileen while she was on trial and then sold Aileen's story, the lawyer who convinced Aileen to plead no contest, and Aileen's lesbian lover who got her to confess. The first film, Visions of Freedom (32 min.), shows highlights from the Critical Resistance Conference held in Berkeley, California in 1998.Special features: Commentary by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky, deleted scenes, never-before-seen short film "The Wards take Manhattan," photo gallery, original theatrical trailer featuring Spalding Gray, filmmaker biographies. Created in collaboration with the California Coalition for Women Prisoners. Looks at the rise of penitentaries and experiments to transform offenders, how law and the legal system has evolved in the United States, concluding with stalking laws and "three-strike" laws. Video/C 5394 In 1994 a paranoid schizophrenic man, Ralph Tortorici, took a class of college students hostage, threatening and wounding one of them. Ashley, Linda, Anna, Yolanda and Ophelia describe their experiences including rape, violence, solitary confinement and denial of medical care. A documentary film by Janet Baud, Dan Hunt, and Reid Williams. He worked against the Vietnam War and for Black civil rights, was a leader in the Columbia University student strike and Students for a Democratic Society, and was a member of the Weather Underground Organization.Produced by Claude Marks; written and edited by Eve Goldberg. Includes interviews with police, judges, historians, prison wardens, prosecutors, reformers and citizens as they speak about their experiences with crime and criminals. Using excerpts from the actual trial, as well as interviews with Tortorici's father and brother, the defense attorney, chief assistant district attorney, the prosecutor, psychiatric experts, and the presiding judge, this documentary critically examines the ethical dilemmas surrounding the insanity defense. Their difficult stories challenge the most basic notions of gender and justice while raising an important question: Is their treatment indeed cruel and unusual -- a violation of the Eighth Amendment of the U. In 1981 he was convicted for his participation in a Brinks truck robbery to raise funds for the Black Liberation Army.S., illustrating the negative impact of for-profit prison industry on youth -- particularly those from communities of color.

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