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I made plenty of risky moves in 2017, but what happens in 2017 stays in 2017 duh.

I was starting off 2018 with a clean slate, and that meant there was room to make a few questionable decisions.

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I figured it was either that or stare at the wall, so why the fuck not. I got myself all pumped up to meet this dog again, but when I showed up at his house the dog wasn’t there.

#8 put a Netflix show on for us to watch and within 45 minutes he fell asleep. Not only did his stupid dog hate me, but clearly I wasn’t even good enough of a Netflix companion to keep Mr. I sat and watched Shameless while he snored for a few hours, and then I gathered up my pride and left.

Tell me a random fact about you.” This was nice because I could be super lazy and just copy and paste it to each one, making sure to change the name. Bachelor #8 was the very first guy I messaged with on Bumble. I actually tried to super swipe you but apparently that costs real money on here haha.” Now remember, I had set some new standards for myself, so I was looking for someone a little more specific. Clearly no one was going to compete with my original sexy dad, but this guy was pretty cute and had his daughter in most of his pictures, so I was happy when he messaged me back.

He told me that he had just had surgery to repair a hernia and that he wasn’t able to do much for a while.

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We have helped thousands of people meet women and men alike, and launched thousands of happy and lasting relationships. Join Telegraph Dating now and let us help you find that special someone.I even talked to the dog in a super sweet voice and asked if he wanted to cuddle me, he dead ass looked me in the eyes and growled.It probably didn’t help that his owner fell asleep on the couch only an hour into me being there, and the two of us were left alone to have a staring contest. Although #8 wasn’t too sure about the fact that his dog thought I was the spawn of Satan, he wanted to hang out again. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t briefly consider it. To be continued with Bachelor #9 (and probably 10 since he lasted about as long as a donut does around me.) After that, we have just about caught up!I was on Christmas break, bored and alone, so I figured maybe someone to sit and watch Netflix with wouldn’t be half bad.He could barely move, so it’s not like I’d have to worry about him trying to get in my pants.He sent me pictures of his healing wounds, and my mind was eased a little bit.

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