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If she’s checking out your profile and on the fence about whether or not to return your message, nailing this section could pay off big time.Instead of simply listing your interests, make them exciting, funny and mysterious.

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Think of your photo, headline, and username like a package deal.

If one of those components is weak, she’s not buying what you’re selling.

Thin slicing doesn’t just happen with your photos – the process applies to your entire profile. If you want to score dates with the hottest local women, you need to nail it with your trifecta: Photo, Headline, Username. In the example above, how many women do you think are in the market for a handful of a guy that’s guaranteed to embarrass her in polite company? Engage her imagination, spark her curiosity, or get her to laugh.

Your headline’s got one job – make her want to keep reading in 50 characters or less.

For more examples of POF profiles that work, click here.

And if you’re really struggling for inspiration, this fill-in-the-blank POF profile template should cure even the worst case of “About Me” writer’s block: This section begs for creativity.

Researchers have proven that “showing” is a more attractive way to present information than “telling.” Here is an example paragraph that illustrates how to do it right: The very first line of your POF is the most important one for two reasons.

First, it needs to hook her attention and make her want to keep reading.

Just like your headline, negativity has no place in your profile.

Don’t talk about the kind of woman you want to meet, like the POF user did above.

But a bad profile can send her packing quicker than you can say “ghost.”The above profile example highlights 4 big mistakes guys commonly make in their POF profiles: Women are attracted to confident, powerful men. It’s the natural order of things, proven by science.

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