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And, the mail delegation feature must be enabled before deleting a delegate.

I believe that google should release an update to the google app on windows 10 to look more like the one on mobile, which also means adding Google Now.

In order to change a user's settings with the Email Settings API, the administrator must make an HTTP request (either a ) to a certain URL, and when appropriate, with an XML atom entry in the body of the request.

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By setting user expectations, a clear delegation policy helps manage your account maintenance overhead and mitigates user confusion.

Creating a Gmail delegate is accomplished with a When a new delegate is created, there may be a minute or less delay before the new delegate is available. No delegation notification is sent to the delegate when a delegation assignment has been added.

That may can also make people buy more from Microsoft. Having upgraded to Windows 10 and with Windows 10 still being quite new, apps that are common on other platforms can be quite hard to come by.

In particular, many were disappointed by Google's removal of You Tube from the Windows App Store, but this app seems to make up for it and then some.

The first table shows what you can filter on, the second what action you can take, and their corresponding XML attributes.

At least one property from the first table and one from the second table must be set.

This example does not show all of the possibilities for creating filters, or explain how to change any of the other settings.

The following sections explain in full details the required XML format for each settings operation.

The Email Settings API supports the following operations: request does not have a body of additional XML elements.

Google will verify that all requests contain valid XML, include all required data fields, and meet the authentication requirements given below.

The API supports setting and retrieving HTML-encoded signatures.

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