the dating black book pdf - Ground rules for dating a married man

Let it incubate for a while, and youll be amazed what your mind can do when the issue comes up later. Most couples try to resolve a conflict without doing their homework.

They don't fully understand the conflict itself, nor do they understand each others perspectives.

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It's fairly easy to start discussing an issue while in a good mood.

But negotiations can open a can of worms, so be prepared for negative emotional reactions.

In many cases, they are not even sure what they really want or what theyre enthusiastically willing to give.

When the issue is clarified, the solution is immediately apparent and the conflict is resolved.

Who wants to negotiate when it brings nothing but disappointment and pain?

So before you begin to negotiate, set some basic ground rules to make sure that you both enjoy the experience. Try to be pleasant and cheerful throughout negotiations.

Respect is the key to success in this phase of negotiation.

Once the issue has been identified and you hear each others perspective, it is extremely important to avoid trying to straighten each other out. Youve identified the conflict from each others perspective.

If he has a main woman and you are his little side dish, make sure to keep things emotionally even; he’s your side dish and always leave yours emotions and schedule open to someone who is the total package. If you’re okay with sneaking around with another woman’s man, or you’re just a free lovin’ kinda gal who thinks he should be free to sleep with you (although the lying is never good), then you should focus on what this kind of arrangement is supposed to be. Let’s face it: some people get off on the secrecy and the illicit nature of these affairs.

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