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Now it’s not necessary for either of you to reveal any secret attractions to the other person, but when love enters a friendship, could there ever be an easy transition into love unless it’s mutual?

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[Read: How to have sex with a friend] New troubles with a new boyfriend Let me assure you, your new boyfriend will hate your guy best friend right from the start. You may try to convince your new boyfriend that your BFF is not sexually interested in you at all, but there’s no way your new man will ever be convinced of that.

He may never understand the relationship you and your BFF share. And the sneaky part here, your guy best friend may actually start liking the attention he’s getting out of the complication.

Having a man who isn’t really your man as your arm candy is fashionable and safe. Guy best friends may help you understand the world of men better, and may even help you devise the perfect way to snag a smoldering hunk for yourself.

Everything may seem just perfect with a male BFF in your arm, but is it really as simple as it seems or are you just wearing those murky rose tinted glasses again?

It’s all warm and fuzzy in an extremely platonic way. You may have found yourself a guy best friend, but in all probability, you could have just found a guy who’s either too timid or confused with his intentions.

No guy likes to be in the friend zone with an attractive girl unless he’s swinging the other way.

You’ll drive away a lot of guys No guy likes dating a girl who’s got a guy best friend. Confusions, jealousies and hidden feelings always crop up and complicate the relationship.

[Read: How to make a jealous boyfriend not-so-jealous] And what’s worse, some guys may just assume you’re already in a relationship with this guy and avoid even bothering to hit on you.

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