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The stark reality is that the 5ft 11in Sim, who died in 1976 at the age of 75, had a good deal to hide.

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Firm but fair: Alastair Sim, already a household name in England, became synonymous with the role of Headmistress Fritton Yet no one can deny that an apparently never-ending string of young actors and actresses came to stay at his house in Nettlebed, Oxfordshire, throughout his career.

Time after time, questions about Sim's sexuality come to the surface.

He even started taking her with him to visit friends.

When he was asked if she was his daughter, Sim replied bluntly 'No', but didn't elaborate.

But that facade may have concealed a darker truth for, as a new biography of the actor reveals, throughout his life, Sim carefully cultivated 'friendships' with teenage boys and girls as young as 12.

And the Edinburgh-born Sim did everything in his power to keep those proclivities private - refusing countless interviewrequests throughout his career, and declining to appear on radio or TV chat shows.'All the public need to know about me is what they see,' he insisted.Hours of Operation: Metrorail service hours are a.m. H&M offer international fashion collections that are wide-ranging and varied for men, women, teenagers and children, as well as homeware.Sim's closeness to the young actor 'drew comments from some quarters about the appropriateness of the relationship', says Sim's biographer.'Even suspicion from some that it was not entirely healthy'.By then, Sim had persuaded the teenager's mother to place her in his care, had employed her as his 'secretary', though she couldn't type and insisted that she and her mother lived with him in a London flat.

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