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However Tony Blair’s Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott put a stop to that in 1997.Mr Prescott, whose integrated transport policy amounted to painting a bus lane on a motorway, thought it would only encourage people to drive cars. Unfortunately the main railway line from the west into London is the most overcrowded commuter route in the country, with at least one morning service into Paddington clocked in 2010 at just over double its proper maximum load of passengers.

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They don’t care that almost all businesses depend on them for transport of labour and materials.

They don’t care that the great majority of people, in and out of London, depend on cars to get children to school and themselves to work and shops.

Here, a group of people are being carried to safety in a rescue boat after Kings Street was flooded.

Police were preventing residents living on the flooded street from entering their homes due to a risk of electrocution Fire station manager Paul Fitzgerald said: 'Fire crews are using boats to assist people who need to leave their homes, although the majority of residents are able to stay in their property.'Sand bags are also being provided to help stop water from entering buildings.'Crews are continuing to pump water away and Thames Water is at the scene investigating.'We advise people to avoid the area if they can, as a number of road closures are in place and Ravenscourt Park Tube station is closed.' The flooding began around 8.15pm, and the streets were cleared of water around 1.25am.

Dozens of people were trapped in cars and restaurants after a water pipe burst in Hammersmith, west London, earlier this evening.

Police were preventing residents living on the flooded street from entering their homes because of the risk of electrocution.

Former mayor Ken Livingstone held motor transport in open contempt and was chiefly concerned with extracting money from drivers through his London congestion charge, a tax on the poor if ever there was one. Boris Johnson loves to promote Crossrail, a vastly expensive, overblown and certainly flawed rail construction scheme.

Otherwise he seems most concerned with promoting himself and waiting for the main chance to depose David Cameron.

Neither of them needed the votes of workers and business people from beyond the borders of London, and the problems of a little concrete eyesore in an unfashionable suburb don’t mean a hill of beans to Boris.

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