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BOOTS ISOTONIC 59p per 330ml pouch; 56.1 calories and 11g of carbohydrate per 330ml serving Much of the sweetness in this drink comes from orange and mandarin juices, as well as fructose and the artificial sweetener aspartame.

As a result, it has an unpleasant, syrupy taste which makes it less thirst-quenching than some of the other drinks tested.

Mixes well and the citrus drink tastes pleasant (the orange flavour is far too sweet).

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GATORADE (stockists 01705 246546) £11.34 per 595g tub which makes 8.5 litres; 125 calories and 30g of carbohydrate per 500ml serving Marketed as the world's best-selling sports drink, this comes in two flavours orange and lemon - neither of which is too sweet.

An isotonic drink which, say the manufacturers, fulfils its main role of fast fluid replacement better than other drinks because it contains no unnecessary additives like vitamins and minerals which can slow down fluid absorption.

Many sports drinks contain small amounts of sodium, which enhances fluid absorption.

Studies show that marathon runners who consume commercial drinks with a little added sodium have a higher total fluid intake (beneficial in such a tough sport) than those who drink plain water. Most of the popular brands are isotonic -- that is, they have the same osmolality (or concentration of dissolved particles), as the body's own fluids, are easily absorbed and designed to be drunk both before and during exercise.

Contains the artificial sweeteners Aspartame and Acesulfame K. Liquid drinks are much quicker to mix than powders.

ISOSTAR (stockists: 01268 491036) £6.29 for 425g tub which makes 5 litres; 160 calories and 38.5g of carbohydrate per 500ml serving An isotonic drink which boasts the ability to boost mental as well as physical power during exercise.

The powder does not dissolve particularly well, but it settles easily in the stomach and its effects are long-lasting.

Contains added nutrients including vitamin C, B12, niacin and thiamin.

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