Hilarie burton dating history

Just like their characters, Lenz joined Tyler Hilton (Chris Keller) on tour. Burton, like Peyton, was a cheerleader at her high school.17.

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He felt someone should “say something loudly” about the tragedy.22.

Sophia Bush read for the role of Brooke three times.

Schwahn created Peyton’s infamous album wall in her bedroom because he saw a wall of old movie posters in a theater and thought it looked cool.19.

Johansson filmed Season 1, Episode 12 with pneumonia and was quite high on cough syrup during most of the shots.20.

The most popular season of One Tree Hill was the second season.

It averaged 4.3 millions viewers each week and was the 117th ranked show for the 2004-2005 television season.

The first time she was told she didn’t look sexy enough, the second time she was told she looked too sexy, and the third time she was offered the part.23.

Johansson, on the other hand, “hated” the script for Season 3, Episode 16 when he read it because he didn’t want to pull a gun on Sheffer.24.

The show title comes from the U2 song “One Tree Hill” from the Joshua Tree album.21.

Schwahn was inspired to write the school-shooting episode (Season 3, Episode 16) after hearing someone talk about Columbine and whispering the name.

After 2004, the show received 18 more nominations and one win, which would again go to Chad Michael Murray in the category of Choice TV Actor: Male. When Jamie was first written into the show, a lot of his scenes were dictated by what Brundage wanted to do.

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