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ADMs will be processed through BSP within nine months of the final travel date or, when the final travel date cannot be established the expiry date of the travel document or in the case of Refunds within 9 months of the BSP remittance date. An ADM may also be used to collect amounts where a traffic document has not been issued, if agreed with the Agent, for example, deposits for group sales. An ADM will represent a single charge or multiple charges if the reason for the charge is the same. To adjust refunds, an ADM will only be issued within nine months of the BSP remittance date on which the document was settled. UIA complies with local BSP procedures in providing Agents with a minimum period of time to review any ADM and dispute it. If an Agent disputes an ADM through BSP Link UIA will investigate and communicate their decision on the dispute in accordance with local BSP procedures. If ADM is canceled because of business reasons by the decision of carrier, Administrative fee will be paid in any case.

In case of extra climes from the site of interline partners ADM can be issued during 12 months of the final travel date. Unrelated charges will not be included in the same ADM. The Airline will include details and, where appropriate, supporting documentation to make clear the reason why a charge is being made in an ADM. UIA will provide the Agent with the contact details of the department at the UIA, which the Agent can contact to discuss the ADM or the contact details of the external auditor in case when ADM was issued by him. For any charge due beyond this period, the Airline will agree with the Agent bilaterally the best settlement method and only submit an ADM through the BSP process if agreed in writing by the Agent. If ADM is canceled as a result of the absence of proof of guilt Agent (through the procedure Dispute), Administrative fee will be canceled Minimum amount of one ADM document of any type, excluding administrative fee.

UIA lefts the right to issue ADM for lower amounts, in this case administrative fee will not be applied.

If the violation repeats itself, multiple penalties will allowed to be associated in the same document.

All documents issued in a language other than English must also be accompanied by a sworn translation into English, certified by the issuing country.

Please advise customers for the above requirements.

For more information please contact local South African Embassy, the South African High Commission or the South African Department of Home Affairs.

Ukraine International Airlines Agency Debit Memo Policy Effective November 1, 2015 Introduction Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) Agency Debit Memo (ADM) Policy is intended to make clear to Travel Agents the circumstances under which ADMs will be issued and the guidelines that the Airline applies.

If there is absolute need for an updated ticket for the infant passenger after any flight/date change, a ticket reissue is required.

Subject to restrictions below, a personal infant / child car safety seat can be taken on board if it complies with the following requirements: Should your client require the use of a disabled child travel chair, you are required to contact our Cathay Pacific North America reservations team at 1-800-268-6868.

An unaccompanied minor (UM) is a child between the ages of 6 to 12 who is not traveling in the care of a parent/guardian or designated adult.

A child is not necessarily considered an UM if he/she is traveling in a different class/compartment, but on the same flight as the adult.

Exception is if child is holding a national passport of the U.

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