Hpv warts and dating

She was only 16 at the time, it was very tramtic for her Yes, it was already discussed, under the heading, "would you date someone with genital warts?

There are several that are not harmless, especially for women.

Genital warts can indeed cause problems for women, the worst of which is the fact that it has been linked to cervical cancer.

It is controversial because some people think it will give young people permission to become sexually active; because whether or not they will get a virus that could then cause cervical cancer is right on the top of their lists for refraining from having sex. One of the things that the doctor told us is that the vaccine is only effective if administered before a girl has contracted the virus. For those people that think this is a moral decision, I'm sure your daughter will agree with you when she contracts cervical cancer and just start praying now that she finds out early enough for a hysterectomy to save her life.

Most people think nothing of allowing their child to have a polio vaccine or any of the others required for a child to begin school. The only thing the young lady needs to know is that it is a vaccine that can prevent some types of cancer. I have actually spoken up on another post where they were argueing the same issue.

Some have stated that if you've had sex...probably already have it. It is true that many can carry the virus without even knowing it...there are approx 7 different strains and only a few that actually produce warts.

The other strains are basically a fairly harmless virus.

If you have had a cold sore, you are currently capable of breaking out in genital herpes, its just rare. 99% (this is a real stat, you can look it up) of the population has herpes symplex 1. There is enough ignorance on the subject of STDs as it is.

Remember it is still your responsibility to inform your partner, no matter how common this is. herpes symplex one can be found orally or on the genital area, this is the same for herpes symplex two. HPV and HSV I and II are two entirely different discussions. I know this is an old topic, but I wanted to refresh it for all those that are not aware of it.

In a lot of cases the warts disappear on their own. I knew we had talked about it, but couldn't quite recall the name of the thread, so I looked it up based on what you wrote.

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