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What they thought, and what they reported their friends thought, was pretty savvy.

They understand the dangers, are well aware of the internet's advantages, and know how to stay safe.

With an Oprah special about it practically every week, and news documentaries and polls, the facts are pretty much right out there for you.

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Education and empowerment are key." In my opinion, that's exactly right.

But I wonder how effectively government will be able to help alleviate the problem.

) -- thus allowing children to verify that screen name Britney Rulez333 does not actually belong to a 45-year-old man. Just as they learn to cross the street without holding an adult's hand, so they need to learn how to wander the internet safely.

"The value of empowering our children, through education," she concluded, "with the knowledge and critical-thinking skills that they need to be able to assess the every-day situations they will encounter while online cannot be overstressed...

Finally, I traded several emails with one girl who had chatted online extensively for years, and has met in person "at least 10 or so" other kids whom she first found on AOL -- including a meeting with some boys from another state. But, not only was her protocol for establishing trust detailed and thorough -- paranoid even -- but she readily explained to me her reasoning for each step along the way.

She's a poster child for "education and empowerment." And I doubt she's unique: to know nowadays.Kids growing up now need to be aware of different dangers, ones involving formation of long-term relationships, questions about online identity, and trust.I wasn't able to find any reliable statistics on how often children are victimized using the internet.It sounds like law enforcement, especially at the state and local level, is still coming up to speed on this issue. Curtin, for AOL, emphasized that ISPs were already taking steps, and suggested patience to allow them to develop an industry standard. This is a very interesting problem, but precisely what suggestions would you have for us as policymakers? I'm not sure why existing explanations (here's one) are insufficient; why not just link?The testimony and discussion was so removed from proposing new legislation, in fact, that Rep. He had to remind everyone twice that he and his colleague were "As a member of Congress, I would like to hear what recommendations you have for what we might do -- I haven't heard anything about that so far. And Kathleen Tucker of I-Safe suggested standardizing on "digital certificates," client-side certs issued by an authority which confirms your identity using proof ranging from photo ID up to DNA (! She squarely faced the problem of child predators, and quoted Judith Krug of the American Library Association's Office of Intellectual Freedom: children "need to be taught the skills to cope in the virtual world just as they are taught skills to cope in the physical world." Parents aren't there to watch over kids every minute.A study called JOVIS is in the works and should provide some concrete numbers. Rodriguez, we can expect data from it in four to five months.

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