Initially intimidating questions to ask guy you are dating

Pair that persistence with a penchant for being independent and you’ve got the reason why people might be a little overwhelmed by a Taurus. While a Gemini can definitely go with the flow, they can also be directing the flow. While incredibly sentimental and protective of the ones the love, Cancers can also be hard to get to know, which can mean making friends with a Cancer can be intimidating.Former congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) made a name for himself as a wit, wordsmith and frequent dealmaker during three-plus decades in Congress.

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Less thrill-seeking signs may be intimidated by Sagittarius extroversion and desire to explore.

Known for their determination, Capricorns set ambitious goals and achieve them.

Here is your most intimidating trait, according to your zodiac sign. If a Virgo is asked to do something, it’s going to get done well and by the end of the day.

However, their attention to detail and drive to do things “right” (AKA how Virgo wants it done) can make Virgos an intimidated co-worker or partner on a school project. While Libras are often the peacemakers of the group, they also seek truth and justice.

Aries’ competitiveness paired with their confidence can be intimidating to those who aren’t well-verse in Aries’ ways.

Whether they’re working toward a promotion or meeting new people, Aries is going to charge forward without looking both ways.One of the lessons I had to learn was that being likeable is very important, and that winning every particular argument when you campaign is less important.There’s an odd phenomenon that goes on in politics.While that confidence is attractive and will bring people in, Aquarius’ security of self can intimidate even the most self-assured of the other signs.While being nice isn’t necessarily some that scares people off initially, it can cause them to become a little skeptical.People win office because there is some combination of things about them that is appealing.

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