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MADE IN AMERICA Finally, we have a President who won't go around to all of the other nations in the world and apologize for our country.

Because real Presidents don't apologize for their country...

Some products cannot be shipped to international destinations, so please submit a message to us if you would like to discuss international ordering options if your order will not process through our store.

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That's where the 2 column layout will come in handy. Drop down menus and back to top buttons will make browsing through selections more convenient and targeted for customers.

If they want something even more specific, the advanced searching feature will come in handy.

Just grab your favourite tee shirt, lay it flat on a table, take a few measurements and pick the closest matching shirt.

If you are in between 2 sizes always go on the larger, chances are your favourite tee has shrunk a little since you got it. Lay your shirt flat on a table and measure the width under the arms (Measurement A on diagram) Measure the length of your t-shirt from the seam at the neck to the bottom of the garment.

Products must also be shipped in a trackable manner (with tracking number sent to our Customer Service) to qualify for any refund on items that might be lost in return transit.

Please note: Audio/Visual and Multimedia resources (DVDs, CDs, DVD-Roms) may be returned for exchange only if unopened; opened Audio/Visual or Multimedia resources are not eligible for a refund due to copyright infringement concerns.As with our tees, our Hoodies/Sweater tend to follow a slimmer fit, so if in doubt or between two sizes we'd always recommend ordering the larger one.When compared to the plethora of fashion features directed at women, style advice for men is noticeably thin on the ground. One man recently asked the simple question “What's a good brand for plain t-shirts? But there was one particular brand that was the clear winner, with over 700 people agreeing: Next Level T-shirts.T-Shirt Shop Templates and Themes can help you cover your online website without having to waste too much time thinking up of a concept.Just choose from any of the designs in the collection and put them up easy.MADE IN AMERICA   The Gadsden flag is a historical American flag with a yellow field depicting a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. Thou shall understand that your presence doesn't make me happy. This is for mothers who don't want their daughters dating anyone who is against the very principles our country was founded on (it also rules out a lot of losers, too).

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