pagdating ng panahon translation - Intimidating and unapproachable

Implying new beginnings, Your Colour Black is often intimidating, unapproachable or even unfriendly because it exudes Power.

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She is always so doubtful, as Mabel says; so capricious, so haughty, so unapproachable.

This is a question to believers of astrology like me, ahaha ;) So whenever my friends and I talk about our first impressions of each other, almost all say that they thought I was unapproachable and not very friendly when they first met me, lol.

Del Dardo would have swooned to see how Annina handled his Unapproachable. And even if he did, it would only be as a lofty and unapproachable spectator.

What use was it then ever again to attempt to be austere and unapproachable Fernalds?

While carrying something black with you to ward off negativity or harm is recommended, wearing a lot of black draws negative energy into your Mind, Body and Soul.

You need to find healthy means for divesting yourself of negative energy, so it doesn’t toxify your Body and stunt your evolution!

Meanwhile, if you choose to wear Black, others may see Submissiveness suggested.

Think for a moment of the Priest who is most submissive to God, wearing black robes daily.

If you're a Scorpio, do you find that people tend to seem a little... I just always got the sense that people aren't comfortable making eye contact with me for whatever reason.

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