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Note that, by default, GUS shares IRQ(7) with parallel ports and so QEMU must be told to not have parallel ports to have working GUS. For architectures which aim to support live migration compatibility across releases, each release will introduce a new versioned machine type.

For example, the 2.8.0 release introduced machine types “pc-i440fx-2.8” and “pc-q35-2.8” for the x86_64/i686 architectures.

The resolution should be supported by the SVGA mode, so the recommended is 320x240, 640x480, 800x640.

A timeout could be passed to bios, guest will pause for # try to boot from network first, then from hard disk qemu-system-i386 -boot order=nc # boot from CD-ROM first, switch back to default order after reboot qemu-system-i386 -boot once=d # boot with a splash picture for 5 seconds.

To create a device which is not created automatically and set properties on it, use - as a string of drive letters.

Valid drive letters depend on the target architecture.

Options that expect a reference to another node (e.g. If no node name is specified, it is automatically generated.

The generated node name is not intended to be predictable and changes between QEMU invocations.

Enables or disables squashing subchannels into the default css. NOTE: This property is deprecated and will be removed in future releases.

The “s390-squash-mcss=on“ property has been obsoleted by allowing the cssid to be chosen freely. If any pair of nodes is given a distance, then all pairs must be given distances.

When a node is unreachable from another node, set the pair’s distance to 255.

Note that the - In particular, you can use this to set driver properties for devices which are created automatically by the machine model.

Add a connection to an external IPMI BMC simulator.

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