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An i Phone might display a blank screen, the touch screen may fail to respond, or an app gone awry may prevent the device from functioning properly.Getting your i Phone working again may require you to perform a series of troubleshooting steps to pinpoint and rectify the problem without damaging your data.

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Some users are experiencing trouble installing the i OS 10 software update by way of the Over-the-Air Software Update mechanism.

The problem is not subtle if encountered, the update halts and then displays a “Connect to i Tunes” screen similar to recovery mode, preventing the update from going further.

However, if updating doesn’t work, it may be necessary to click Restore, which erases all settings and content.

If you backed up this i Phone to this computer or i Cloud, you’ll be prompted to restore the backup onto the i Phone.” There are reports of successfully installing i OS 10 on the i Tunes logo screen bricked devices by simply waiting for i Tunes to have the i OS 10 update available and choosing the Update button instead, or by using i OS 10 IPSW files matching the device.

Here are the steps: Please note that it means that if you’ve taken a backup of your device in i Cloud, you will first need to take a backup of your device in i Tunes, and then restore from that backup.

As several readers have pointed out, this method may not work if you’ve “Find my i Phone” enabled, as you will need to first disable it to restore your i Phone using i Tunes.Upon connecting the bricked device to i Tunes, you may encounter the following message alert: “There is a problem with the i Phone “(Device Name)” that requires it to be updated or restored.The problem may be fixed by updating your i Phone, which preserves your settings and content.Some users who restore the effected i Phone or i Pad through i Tunes discover the device is being downgraded to i OS 9.3.5, rather than updating to i OS 10.If this happens, it may be a good idea to stay on i OS 9.3.5 for a while until the trouble with the i OS 10 update is resolved, or use i Tunes to install the i OS 10 update instead of the on-device OTA mechanism.After you've corrected the issue, you should update the i OS software as well as all of your apps to remedy buggy software and improve the reliability and performance of your i Phone.

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