Is harry still dating chelsea

Despite this, when Roxy inherits The Queen Victoria public house, she employs Chelsea as a barmaid.

Denise sets Chelsea up on a blind date with an associate of Lucas's called Matthew, but Chelsea does not enjoy the date and tells Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) she wants to leave.

Lucas finds her in R&R nightclub, high on cocaine, and takes her home. She falls in love with Theo Kelly (Rolan Bell), but upon dating, Chelsea feels excluded from Theo and his university friends.

She later cheats on him with a footballer named Ellis Prince (Michael Obiora), who offers her drugs.

She takes the test again and realises she is not pregnant but tells her parents that she'll make her own decisions.

She tells Amira that it was her test that was positive and promises to keep her secret when she leaves Walford after learning that her husband Syed (Marc Elliott) is gay.

Chelsea finds employment at Tanya Branning's (Jo Joyner) salon, Booty and falls for Sean Slater (Robert Kazinsky).

Although, Sean is promiscuous and pursues other women, including Tanya and Carly Wicks (Kellie Shirley), while Chelsea wants a serious relationship.Chelsea goes on to celebrate her birthday and discovers Denise has put a picture of Chelsea in the newspaper wearing a cowboy suit.Much to Chelsea's embarrassment, so she decides to buy all the newspapers so people will not mock her.Carly's brother, Deano (Matt Di Angelo), is attracted to Chelsea and, using this to her advantage, she and Deano sabotage Carly and Sean's relationship.When Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) is attacked, Chelsea and Deano frame Sean, stealing CCTV evidence that clears Sean but Carly finds it and gives it to the police.Attempting to keep Sean away from Carly, Chelsea sets her up on a date with Warren Stamp (Will Mellor), who tries to assault Carly.

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