Is online dating haram

And from that we understood: if you’re gonna talk to boys on MSN on the computer in the living room, have another tab of Solitaire open just in case.I envied the fact that my white friends always seemed to have it easier than me in terms of meeting and dating guys.The onus on marriage from the get-go kind of transcends a purely sexual connection and requires a real effort to get to know someone intellectually and emotionally.

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I grew up seeing so many of my friends heartbroken at a young age, having the freedom to have sex without really possessing the emotional maturity to make informed decisions that their parents hadn’t prepared them for.

Being well aware of misogyny in my own culture due to my mother’s strong and outspoken nature, I began to notice the deep-rooted misogyny in British dating culture too.

I found my own spiritual identity in adulthood and realised that I’m not just a Muslim by name, or out of respect for my parents’ traditions or my cultural heritage, but because I believe in this religion and that it holds profound truth about the world we live in. I loved, and still love the idea of getting to know someone exclusively for marriage.

I only wanted to find somebody likeminded, travelling the same spiritual path as me, sharing the most intimate parts of myself with that person alone. Of course it’s not a perfect model, and the institution of religious marriage alienates many queer Muslims, or other Muslims for whom an Islamic marriage (nikkah) is not accessible to, for various reasons.

It gives an opportunity for two people to grow together, sharing the burdens of hardships and the benefits of success as they experience life side by side.

Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, but that’s life.I deleted the app after 24 hours feeling completely overwhelmed; it just felt way too intense and I realised I’m only 24 (although in Pakistani match-maker years that seems to be around 45) and I’m in no rush to get married until I’m absolutely sure I’ve met the right person.Other young Muslims I spoke to had better experiences than I did; Javed, 24, said that “it’s easier to meet Muslim women online now because it’s not like we’re white people who can just go to a club or a pub to meet girls, and I’m not gonna meet them in the library am I?One of the pioneering Muslim matrimonial websites “Single” boasts over 50,000 marriages taking place as a result of users meeting on the site over the last 17 years.Digital dating and matrimonial services seem to have replaced the traditional system of being introduced to a potential marriage suitor by your aunty and going to meet them in their living room, making small talk over chai.They seemed free from the stigma and shame of dating even as young teenagers and were allowed to bring boys home and introduce them to their parents.

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