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In the past, we had talked about him asking my dad and he had to plan it because he lives so far away so I knew it was going to happen soon. He lit candles and put on a suit jacket when I was in the other room and when I came back in he asked me to marry him.” Best Thing About Dating A Pro Athlete: “He understands everything I am going through.

We really understand each other — from the demands of the training, the sacrifices we have to make, and sometimes putting our goals ahead of our relationship.

He left the following day for Germany because the season was over.

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Christian actually thought ‘Sesame Street’ was originally a German show, so we just like to have fun and laugh about things like that.” Besides, Greubel said, “Christian is one of my biggest supporters.

I think he believes in me even more than I believe in myself sometimes.

The day before Valentine’s Day, Andrea won a silver medal at world championships and then on Valentine’s Day I was winning silver as well.

Exciting news in the little world of biathlon as the US biathlete Tim Burke married the recently retired German biathlete Andrea Henkel few weeks ago in Lake Placid, New York !

Tim Burke and Andrea Henkel have been a couple for several years now.

Whereas Tim Burke remains an active biathlete on the World Cup circuit, the multi-Olympic and World Champion Andrea Henkel left the sport at the end of the past season. ” Best Thing About Dating A Pro Athlete: “We know exactly what each other is going through on a day-to-day basis and this makes it a lot easier for both of us.” Plus, he said, “it is nice to have someone to talk with who knows exactly what you are going through in the ‘office.’” Hardest Part Of Dating A Pro Athlete: “We both have very strict schedules — everything has to be planned out far in advance.” Competition Between The Two: “We are both very competitive, but I think it is healthier if we are not too competitive with each other in training!” Valentine’s Day Plans: “It will be hard to top our Valentine’s Day from last year.At the end of the day, we are both trying to accomplish the same thing — and that is unique.” Hardest Part Of Dating A Pro Athlete: “Even though we are in the same location every week during world cup it can be very hard to spend quality time together.We stay at different hotels, and our teams have separate schedules that don’t always sync up.” Favorite Thing To Do Together: “You would think after a long six months on the road we would want to stay in one place, but we both love traveling.Andrea Henkel recently completed her training and is certified as a Fitness Coach.

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