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His company is involved in flower and food production.Karuturi told Radio France International (RFI) that the world should applaud instead of vilifying efforts by people like him.

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Ahmed Nazif who is on a working visit to Ethiopia starting on Tuesday.

The Egyptian delegation assured the Ethiopian officials that Egypt was keen to be involved in various investment opportunities in the country.

The First Lady received the plot on behalf of her son, Ayinashe Omar Guelleh, whom it was learnt, plans to engage in the booming flower sector.

Floriculture already earns Ethiopia over 150 million dollars annually.

The Ethiopian government Meles regime is keen to encourage investors political allies, offering them a five-year tax holiday and duty-free import of machinery.

The area, 30 minutes south of Addis Ababa with green hills and lush valleys, is ideal for cultivating the country’s fastest growing export – flowers.Ahmed Nazif also expressed their commitment to work together in the efforts to ensure benefits for the peoples of the two countries.August 1st, 2008By Groum Abate, Capital Ethiopia Khadra Mohammed, First Lady of Djibouti, has received the 20 hectares of land in the Sebeta area for a flower farm, on Tuesday July 22, 2008, from Alemu Sime, Investment Bureau Head of the Oromia Regional State [another Woyanne donkey].However, environmentalists and agricultural policy planners fear the leasing of huge tracts of land to private developers in some countries could harm the environment.They are concerned that land which is already under strain from years of degradation will suffer more.The two countries prime ministers held talks late on Tuesday on how to boost their trade and investment cooperation, which in the past few years was poor.

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