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He quickly started dating the Belarus-born business major.

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“The eventual deal breaker," he says, was just that. There will be time to rehash her questionable decision making and shady antics, but for now, we just want to see her get back on track. We hope that the mother of eight is holding up well in light of Prescott's big news, and that Collin is doing extremely well in his treatment.

When it comes to dating Kate Gosselin, that reality brings with it a massive amount of "unwanted attention to my private life that I cherish.” It's true, of celebrities who are totally unable to escape controversy, and are polarizing figures, Kate's almost up there with Donald J.

Prescott is protective of his three children from a previous marriage and didn’t want the increased exposure, so his team advised him against filming with Gosselin.

Gosselin also is reported to have had issues with the amount of travelling Prescott did as she wanted him to spend more time with her.

According to the new report, Prescott has yet to meet 14-year-old twins Cara and Madelyn, and 10-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel, though he did get them Christmas gifts.

Gosselin was of course famously married to ex-husband Jon Gosselin for 10 years before divorcing in 2009. That's it," John told ET last September about his estranged ex-wife, when he explained why he wasn't currently paying any child support for his eight kids.That’s the reason why he was missing from the party that she recently organized to celebrate the 13th birthday of her five remaining sextuplets.Watching Gosselin handle so many responsibilities including raising her eight children, people wonder if she has any time and energy left to have a personal life. We will tell you all we know about Kate Gosselin’s boyfriend right here.The source stated: Prescott got cold feet about filming Gosselin’s reality show, Kate Plus 8.He ended up canceling production plans just two days before the New York City shoot, after months of planning and preparation …Kate Gosselin from Kate Plus 8 is busy being a caring mother to her eight kids including 13-year-old Collin who has special needs.

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