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There have not been any recorded incidents of terrorist violence since the end of the conflict.

Salley noted the country's devastating 26-year civil war with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and said he didn't want to see any return of violence.

"As a politician, I am concerned about the tensions escalating.

Remain on heavily travelled roads and avoid walking in forested areas and abandoned properties as demining operations are on-going. The resettlement of internally displaced persons is also ongoing.

Reports of increased criminal activities and land disputes are more frequent Some Canadians of Tamil origin report encountering difficulties, including arrest or detention, during screening and security operations.

We all know the ramifications of these types of tensions that are unchecked.

The government has to respond with rule of law and justice if it wants to assure communities it's not behind it [violence]," said Saleem.What he is trying to do now is to give the impression to the majority Buddhists that he will be imprisoned indefinitely due to Muslim complaints against him and his group.He is driving the attention away from his crimes." READ MORE: Sri Lanka shaken by religious violence Ahamed also accused BBS activists of intimidating the Muslim community."The BBS secretary-general has re-started this anti-Muslim campaign as he himself was having problems with the police …for going against the authorities in a number of incidents," Hilmy Ahamed, vice president of the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka, told Al Jazeera. wants to re-start his campaign to fuel tensions in the country.Another Muslim shop in the town of Kahawatte was reportedly burned to the ground this week by unidentified attackers.

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