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Mamaroneck Avenue is bustling, in strong contrast to downtown Larchmont.

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The Historical Society has attempted to include both sides of each… The Larchmont Historical Society owns approximately 100 items of clothing dating from 1860 to 1940, worn by several generations of the family that lived at 46 Magnolia Avenue from 1891 to 1996.

My love for baking began when I was very young and all I really wanted for my 13th birthday was a Kitchen Aid electric mixer with all of the other cool kitchen tools and gadgets..many 13 year olds ask for an uneven spatula for their birthday ~ Kim C.

Normally we would be perturbed if a very highly compensated clerk responded in this manner, but I know that you are a little wet behind the ears so we will provide you with a little extra time to time to try again.

Also please respond to the other two FOIL requests that are just gathering dust on your desk, especially the one that seeks public documents on how much the single family homeowners of Larchmont are paying for your benefit and pension costs.l hoping you get it right this time, Brian Harrod From The Internet we learned that Justin Datino previously was Scarsdale’s deputy superintendent of public works. Datino, who holds a master’s degree in public administration from SUNY Albany.

The new Village of Larchmont Clerk Justin Datino screwed up the responses to our freedom of Information requests, so we are going to give him a second chance.

Here is The Email Where We Asked Him To Try Again….

“” you are supposed to mannually insert a date on this boiler plate response.

Could you please send me these boiler plate FOI forms again with the date included or better yet simply provide us with the public documents that most Westchester’s other town and village clerks have already supplied to the public interest FOIL Westchester project.

The village of Larchmont originally pursued the idea of hiring a village administrator in November 2014, when it hired Donald Marra, a former Dobbs Ferry mayor turned municipal consultant, for ,000. Marra helped the villages of Bronxville and Tuckahoe find village administrators, the latter of which recently created the administrator position for the first time as well. Datino was initially paid a yearly salary of 6,500. Datino currently resides in Elmsford Welcome to the Village Clerk’s website pages!

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