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I know it’s only Canada, but I never thought in my life I’d get to live in California and survive and then get paid to go to all these interesting places.

CHRIS NEUMER: One thing you’ll notice, is there’s no mention of what you’re wearing on the red carpet, no mention of relationships or anything like that. Something cool and creative that I can build a character. LAURA RAMSEY: Yeah, something that they don’t normally see me as. It seems like in a certain way that could be an anchor around your neck in that you want to play the fat girl and they want you to be a cheerleader. When you work with girls and you work on a movie with them, you start realizing that you’re always up for the same things and that’s a little odd.

Unfortunately, for this story, there’s a couple things I have to ask that I just feel bad about asking. My family and everyone knows, it’s “grim.” Like “You’re not feeling well? Have your looks ever hurt you in trying to land a role? LAURA RAMSEY: I don’t want to sound conceited, but I’ve had that before. You’re starting to get leads and people are starting to recognize your name, has this impacted your personal life any? You’re like, “I went in for that too.” But that’s the nature of this business. I hate being out here and constantly having to deal with the ethos of the Hollywood society and all the people who want to make it big. CHRIS NEUMER: Roger Ebert makes it okay to live in Chicago and write about film. I can’t wait until I can move to where I want to move and not stay here my whole life. It’s February and I’m wearing a tank top right now!

There could be a great independent film with a great script and a great cast that needs me to do nudity and is there for a point or has artistic value then I will.

The thing is that I’m not going to say no right now to opportunity.

CHRIS NEUMER: So you’re probably turning down the interviews with with a photo shoot, is that something you’d turn down?

LAURA RAMSEY: If that happened, I’d have to decided then and see what the benefits were to me then.

You have to work and I would feel like a miserable, miserable, lost soul if I ever had to do that, or I’d feel so sorry for the girls that do that because it’s not going to get them anywhere. CHRIS NEUMER: But you have heard of that kind of thing going on still? I didn’t know I could call Warner Brothers and ask for x,y and z, and they’d send them out because we have a magazine. Little things like calling my manager, like I didn’t want to bother her. CHRIS NEUMER: There’s no way to say this without sounding very patronizing, but that’s extremely cute. LAURA RAMSEY: Yeah, who’d have ever thought I’d ever be in Montreal or Vancouver.

Also looking at things, I saw you got a picture of yourself on gofugyourself wearing a dress to the premiere. CHRIS NEUMER: It’s a web-site where they post pictures of celebrities wearing different things and make snarky comments about them. CHRIS NEUMER: You’ve apparently never googled yourself, huh? I’m looking at your arms and wondering if it’s even possible for you to lose “a lot” of weight.

Now, I’m paraphrasing, but they said something to the effect of: when are starlets going to realizing that wearing bad outfits to get publicity is a bad idea. It’s like going to Ed Debevic’s or one of those other places that specializes in insulting you and they ask you if you need a comb. ” LAURA RAMSEY: Those people need to get a life that do that. This girl talked about walking down Robertson so the paparazzi would see her. LAURA RAMSEY: Of course, something like , with Charlize Theron.

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