Laws on dating violence

Effective implementation requires numerous factors including appropriate government mechanisms, sufficient resources and political will.

Well-crafted legislation can lay the groundwork for effective implementation.

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Using this data, LCWRI and other organizations determine where progress has been made and where more work is needed.

(See: Lawyer’s Collective (I-VAWA), if enacted, would provide US government financial support to programs to end violence against women and girls around the world.

See: The Central Government and every State Government, shall take all measures to insure that the Central Government and State Government officers including the police officers and the members of the judicial services are given periodic sensitization and awareness training on the issues addressed by [The Protection of Women From Domestic Violence Act].

trains police officers for specialized domestic violence units.

In 2010, Tajikistan, with the support of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, held a weeklong training to educate police officers on the issues involved with working with victims of domestic violence.

The twenty officers involved in the inaugural training, from the cities of Dushanbe, Kurgan Tube, Kulyab and Khujand, are to become part of specialized domestic violence units established under the State Program on Gender Equality after a March 2010 Interior Ministry decision.

(See Effective implementation of domestic violence laws requires monitoring to identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps in the law and in how it is being carried out.

It is critical that legislation provide regular, comprehensive monitoring by an objective entity.

provides for a State Observatory on Violence against Women to provide advice and analysis of gender violence matters, prepare reports and proposals for action, and supervise collaboration of the institutes involved.

“Law of Guyana”) makes the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security responsible for public awareness and educational programs and for conducting studies and publishing reports on domestic violence in Guyana.

I-VAWA will focus on legal reform, capacity-building, support services, professional training, the prevention of violence, and public awareness campaigns.

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