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Follaein his performance at Queen's, Murray received a wild card for Wimbledon.

Ranked 312, Murray became the first Scot in the Open Era tae reach the third roond o the men's singles tournament at Wimbledon.

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On 7 Julie 2013, Murray won the 2013 Wimbledon Championships, acomin the first British player tae win a Wimbledon senior singles title syne Virginia Wade in 1977, an the first British man tae win the Men's Singles Championship syne Fred Perry, 77 years previously.

Murray is the anly man in history tae hae won Olympic Gowd an the US Open in the same calendar year, as well as the third man tae haud the Gowd Medal an twa majors on different surfaces (efter Andre Agassi an Rafael Nadal).

Durin the 2015 saison, he became the fift man in tennis history tae hae won ower $40 million in career prize money.

Efter reachin the French Open semifinal in 2014, he became the tenth man tae reach twa or more semifinals at each o the fower Majors.

At the Beijing Olympics, Murray suffered ane o the worst defeats o his career, losin his first roond singles match tae world No. That abject defeat wis still on his mind in a BBC interview five years later – despite an intervenin Olympic gowd medal an a heid-tae-heid win – when he met the same player (nou ranked 75 in the world) in the 2nt roond o Wimbledon 2013.

In the Masters tournaments Murray went oot in roond fower in Indian Wells an the first roond o Miami.

He is a twa-time Grand Slam tournament winner, Olympic champion an Davis Cup champion. At the 2012 US Open, Murray became the first British player syne 1977, an the first British man syne 1936, tae win a Grand Slam singles tournament, when he defeatit Novak Djokovic in the final in five sets.

Murray haes reached at least the quarterfinals o all Grand Slam tournaments he haes participated in syne 2011, wi the exception o the 2015 US Open. He an aa won a siller medal in the mixed doubles, playin wi Laura Robson.

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