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Johnson brought a sense of hope back to the poor and dissatisfied African-American community (Katznelson 12-13).

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This quote eloquently describes Johnson’s first major pro-civil rights speech.

African-Americans were thrilled by Johnson’s stance on black poverty and civil rights in general.

First used by John Kennedy in 1961, Kennedy declared that all employers should "take affirmative action to ensure that the applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, creed, color or national origin" (Sowell 124). 10,925, one of the many Executive Orders passed during the Civil Rights era.

This statement, like many made during this era, was asking employers simply to "hire and promote without regard to group membership—and make that fact clear to all" (Sowell 125).

Affirmative Action, or anti-discrimination, first pushed in the 1960’s, is still a vital part of America today.

1960 America featured a young Democrat by the name of John F. Johnson also had a pro civil rights policy, and because of him, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed (Katznelson 10).

Johnson claimed that blacks were trapped in an "in inherited, gateless poverty" (Katznelson 17).

"Unfortunately, racial discrimination has contributed historically to blacks having lower incomes than whites" (Sowell 118).

Johnson focused…on the depths of racism and the decay of the traditional black family because he wished to do more than describe…distress.

His quest…was impelled by the desire that black disadvantage ‘must be overcome, if we are ever to reach the time when the only difference between Negroes and whites is the color of their skin.’" (Katznelson 13).

The bill had many supporters in Congress, who assured the opposers that this act strived only for fair and equal treatment, and in no way demanded or even requested preferential treatment of a specific person or group of persons in the workplace (Sowell 123).

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