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Serious side effects are- shortness of breath, rapid weight gain, swelling, chest pain, nausea, stomach pain, low fever, loss of appetite, dark urine, jaundice, blurred vision, increased thirst or hunger, regular urination, pale skin, bleeding, weakness, etc.

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Though the starting strength of the dose varies from person to person depending on their medical history, but generally it is seen that the initial recommended dose of avandia is 4mg per day. For faster results take the drug routinely as mentioned by the doctor. Forgetting frequently will lead to prolonged treatment. With avandia both serious and less serious side effects are linked.

In a few days when you again go to the doctor for checkup he can make changes in the drug. But if forgotten sometimes take the drug as soon as you remember. It causes side effects like severe headache, swooning, craving for food, muddiness, impuissance or weakness, severe dizziness, shudders, sweating, irregular heartbeat, and seizures, etc. Common or less serious side effects are very mild and stay for a very short time. But serious side effects require careful consideration and immediate treatment.

Strength of the dose can be further increased or decreased both. But skip the missed dose in case if it is time for your next dose. Make sure you never take avandia in overdose in order to avoid side effects and save health. Read below for knowing about side effects in detail.

But a patient is strictly prohibited from making any changes on own. Less serious side effects of avandia are headache, weight gain, muscle pain, tooth problems, sneezing, running nose, cough or signs of cold, gas etc.

Storage increases lifespan of the drug as well helps in deriving maximum benefit from it. Too hot, too cold, too dry and too wet temperatures spoil it badly.

Only a room temperature of 25 degree Celsius is suitable for it. When temperature is perfect drug cannot spoil ever. Precautions provide safety and help patient by safeguarding them against any odds. Every medicine brings along with it a set of precautionary steps. The precautions to be taken with it are cited below.It's because this drug is advocated to a patient depending on many things, for instance, what all health problems you are suffering from, or what medicines you are taking etc. All drugs for whatever purpose they are used have a list of side effects attached with them. Avandia is also a drug for treating type-2 diabetes and has side effects associated with it. But for the most part it is seen that side effects do not occur on those taking avandia. Many people have capacity of tolerating its side effects.Thus if your physician says then only take the drug Avandia. Consumption of alcohol should be stopped during the treatment. Thus it is proved that very rarely avandia shows side effects. Serious side effects if ever occur are because of wrong intake of the drug.Though Avandia is not a permanent cure of Type-2 diabetes but treats it very nicely.Overweight or obese people generally face this Type-2 diabetes problem. The fat of fatty people interferes with the body's ability to use insulin, which leads to increased blood sugar level in the blood and ends in making a person prone to Type 2 diabetes. Other causes of this problem are less physical activities, poor diet, and excess body weight (especially around the waist).Even when desired results are seen occurring then also a patient is not allowed to stop taking the drug on own. These side effects disappear on own and do not require any medical treatment. But situation can become serious if these symptoms stay for a long time. The hit list of serious side effects of avandia is consists of life threatening symptoms.

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