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would come to the house for Gary but always want to know where you were.

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We did this many times, sometimes he would comment or get 'giddy' at meeting a new girl.

I didn't like that and like him, would go silent.

After that loss (she aborted their child, he was devastated) he moved back in with us.

We live (my Dad still does) in a big five-story house across from Gherridelli Square (SF Wharf).

Of course he knew I was gay and he wasn't into "that kind of thing" back then).

He was unabashedly straight, dated girls along with my brothers, lost his virginity to a girl he ended up engaged to for almost a year.

We got out just before 2am and started the six block walk home, passing a straight bar called the Rose & Thistle. Men are much better kissers," I added like a challenge.

We had stopped in front of Brownie's Hardware Store with a deep dark entry.

Since the breakup with Beverly he never mentioned women.

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