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The app can be launched on Android devices 2.2 and higher.

The download of the app doesn't contain viruses or any kind of malware.

Beyond use dates are used for compounded preparations and are generally in days or months.

The major problem for pharmacists is that the stability of compounded formulations often is not known.

MTS increases its presence in the digital world by presenting its new mobile app to introduce people to each other “MTS Dating”.

This new service enables people to find a soulmate, chat and participate in conversations.

In these instances, pharmacists should consult with the drug's manufacturer to establish a beyond use date.

Because of compelling patient-care needs, a pharmacist may be unable to stay within the approved labeling and product guidelines stated in the package insert.

For example, a higher concentration of drug may be prescribed; different diluent, container, etc., may be necessary; or the patient may require the HSD for longer periods of time.

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