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Mic in my laptop was working before but now it is not working. I went to Advanced controls for microphones and selected mic boost and unselected Mic 2 select audio recorder now works.earlier there was no signal. All this time I had no software problems with my mic, it was just muted!

I tryed to search it up on Google, but all i got was how to fix mic software problems.

Double Click on Volume Control Icon in your system tray, it will open up the volume control window.

Click on Options Now you can see the Microphone Volume Control, here you can increase or decrease microphone volume as per your need. However I am also unable to acces “advanced controls” so cannot enable mic boost… I did all the instructions from your side and I even re-install the driver installed in my laptop but it seems that it is not working at all.

All of them have a pink colored port for microphones which is a convention.

Make sure you plug in the microphone in this pink port only.

Trouble: In this post, we are going to tell you the basic things to take care when connecting a microphone to the computer and using it correctly.

Seems simple to use a microphone with computer, but believe me, if it starts bugging, its a big problem.

Please give me your valuable advice in rectifying the microphone. Guys it seems that you port is not working search for some usb pin connector that will work i guess this is not a problem with the headset or mic but with ur port ur hardware might be very old and this is the first time i guess ur trying the mic on it hello, I tried all the possible solutions you siad in this website but my microphone is not really working.

I can hear only my partner’s voice but he can’t here mine.

Hi, At first my microphone was working fine had no problems with it, however then it started going really crackily and my voice could not be heard now there is nothing happening when i record my voice i’ve tried it on many different programs and despite trying this also it still does not work. I can hear my friend while trying to chat, but h cannot hear me…suggestions as to what I can do to remedy t his. I solved this problem for myself, and this should work, at least in windows 7, just disable all audio recording devices except mic, including line-in and sterio mix then plug mic/headset into mic port and that should do it.

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