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Cardholders dole out a foreign transaction fee of 3% for each purchase, and cash advances have a fee of 5% or , whichever is greater.There's a balance transfer fee of 3% or , whichever is more.

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There are plenty of other rewards credit cards that will give you more bang for your buck.

Some might even go as far to say that other than being able to donate to end world hunger, the card is only good for dining and gas expenses and subpar at everything else.

There are zero fees for going over your credit limit or bouncing a check, but having another payment method returned results in a $35 fee. If you have high attention to detail in most aspects of your life, then this may be tolerable.

Late payments have one of the lowest fees we've seen if you carry a low balance - you'll pay just $15 for a balance below $750. If not, better to opt for another option on our list of the best rewards credit cards.

Fees: There's no annual fee of which to speak!

Aside from that, you'll shell out 3% of any balance amount you transfer from another card, plus 5% or (whichever is greater) of cash advance totals. The American Express Blue Cash Preferred has a fairly limited definition of “supermarket” and gas stations.

Additionally, redemption options aren't quite as flexible as many others on this list.

Fees: There is an annual fee, and it's not cheap.

But know that using a reward credit card for your everyday purchases will benefit you over the long run.

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