Non faith based agnostic web dating

He does not blast believers with arrogant claims of intellectual superiority on the question of faith.

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Yes, he thinks they are wrong about their religious claims, but he has not turned his back on them as fellow humans.

It is likely that many Christians will struggle to reconcile the wisdom and challenges found within Why I Believed with their own beliefs.

This is a powerful story and Daniels has many piercing ideas that are likely to carry considerable weight with believers because of his difficult work as a missionary in Africa.

Daniels earned his stripes as a committed Christian.

In fact, he admits to missing some things about his days as a believer: I regret the loss of the almost automatic acceptance I enjoyed on the part of those who belonged with me to the same community of faith, the same church, the same missionary society ...

There is no sugarcoating the reality that secularists in general do not enjoy the same benefits of a warm community that committed believers typically do ...

He went way beyond the easy life of a casual Christian sitting in a pew on Sunday mornings.

He lived his Christianity; he made serious commitments and followed through with sacrifices for his religion.

I see the safety net and fellowship of the church, coupled with the lack thereof outside the church, as one of the most important impediments to the growth of free thought.

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