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Rule #3, Be Creative: This next idea might be met with some hums and ha’s, but it’s something I’ve learned to try.

Sometimes, when in an LTR, bedroom antics can get a bit repetitive and boring.

If you’re not comfortable telling your friend you are going to get down, at least give her a heads up that you’re leaving the restaurant. No matter how clean cut, well-manicured and overall awesome a guy might seem, approach every single sexual encounter as if he has an unidentified disease.

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And if you feel like you want to see those 6 pack abs you suspect he has, go for that if it feels right.

I’m not saying to slide your panties off at dinner and sneak them into his pocket, but a demure “So, do you live in the area?

Sure, you want to try out one of the 55 ways to please your man that Cosmo just suggested but after years of the same thing, you fear he might wonder “What on earth is she doing? A guy you’ve just started seeing doesn’t know that the technique you’re using is new.

He has no idea that you haven’t been doing it for ages. I find the aphrodisiac claims to be a bunch of lies.

Rule #2, Be Bold: I’m going to just say it; if you like a guy, there is no harm in making a move.

Whether it’s holding his hand, or reaching out to touch his perfectly sculpted biceps, if you feel the chemistry is there, go for it.

He said once the scheme was accepted by the Government, the bill would be discussed at committee stage.

Editor’s Note: Today on the blog we’ve got our big girl panties on. To me, it is an important part of life and one of the many perks of dating and getting to know someone.

I divide safety into two categories; personal physical safety, and health safety.

If I know I will be going to a guy’s place after the date, I like to inform a close girlfriend, and especially if it’s an internet date, sometimes give her his number or address.

Mr Hayes said the Government will not be opposing the bill at second stage and the minister for justice will shortly bring forward his own proposals on disclosure of information on sex offenders to the public.

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