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He spends his days working, playing video games, and swiping left and right for his next victim.

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It seemed like a perfect combination of aesthetically disparate qualities colliding.

This guy is like a tour guide through hell and I thought "tour guide through hell, boatman..." and I suddenly realized, he's like Charon; he’s like the boatman on the River Styx.

Switch to another scene, wow, that magic bandage is back!

And no, they weren't flashbacks, it was real time.

For example, if you were to point your phone at a particular piece of art it would then return information about the work on to the device screen.

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Congressman, after Jack Brooks (D-Texas, 1994), to lose a general election.

Bertie: What really struck me about the production was the beauty of the site itself.

Unlike his other conquest riley won't go away so quietly like all the other girls.

Slowly everything in Harris's life begins to fall apart.

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