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Two quick questions re Office communicator 2007 r2 and Communicator client 1. Where do I set the info that info that is displayed in the popup box that you get when clicking on the arrow to the left of the contracts name?Is there a way to globally update the contacts list, if so how? I know how to update the fields that are currently being displayed (office filed from Active directly users and computer… Yes this is possible using either a scripted approach (LCSAdd Contacts.wsf) or a third-party utility (OCSCM) to manage contacts. familyid=9E79A236-C0DF-4A72-ABA6-9A9602A93ED0&displaylang=en 2. You can't modify which fields are displayed on the Contact Card, this is hardcoded in the OC client.

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Just as with OCS the Address Book does not leverage any Enterprise Voice normalization patterns which may have been created to support EV calling.

Note that if the value is set to ‘False’ ( Up until this point anyone familiar with Office Communications Server should recognize that everything is about the same, other than the required location of the normalization text file.

_ID=17 Also, with the latest patches for the R2 client there is no an update interval that can e set in the registry (Gal Download Initial Delay) on each workstation to adjust how often the client attempts to download the OCS Address Book: So if you make changes to AD (SIP-enabled a new user) and don't want to wait until the next day to see that user in the address book you'll need to manually update the OCS files using the process shown in the first link, then clients will pick up those changes when updating their local

Any idea how to get the Contact Card to update, I have made changes to the fields that map to AD but OCS and the OCS client does not reflect the changes.

) my question is more how do I change what fields are displayed in there. There are two parts to this, (1) the OCS server only updates changes in Active Directory once every 24 hours, and (2) the individual OC clients then have to download the changes in the OCS address book.

Take a look at this blog article for background on the process:

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