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Now part of the Imperial War Museums, a tour of the original Cabinet War Rooms, where he and his inner circle planned wartime strategies and led the Allies to victory, is absolutely fascinating.

Many rooms, such as the Map Room, were left just as they were when the lights were switched off in 1945.

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Descending 300 feet into the old colliery, a former coal miner will tell you all about what life was like for workers in the mine.

As you descend in the cage and explore the gloomy passageways you gather a moving portrait of Wales’s lost mining industry.

The seaside city has always had an edgy underground scene, but not many people have literally explored its underground scenery via its subterranean passageways.

If you've been to the beach, played on the pier and explored the Royal Pavilion, why not try something different and delve into its labyrinthine Victorian sewers?

Far from gloomy, they shine a light on its rich heritage and offer a different perspective on the past.

Wartime history feels incredibly recent at these underground headquarters hidden beneath the streets of Westminster, where Winston Churchill and his government sheltered during the Blitz.Inside there's a telegrapher’s workshop, fully working automated relay station and a replica wireless room.While a hidden door leads to the escape route, 120 steps hewn through the solid granite bedrock where workers could hotfoot it in the event of an attack.The largest system of underground caverns in Edinburgh, they were built in the 18th century beneath South Bridge, but filled in with rubble in the 19th century and only rediscovered in the 1980s.Mercat Tours has exclusive access to these atmospheric vaults and runs regular tours to regale wide-eyed tourists with creepy tales and fascinating insights into their murky past.Explore covert Second World War tunnels that were dug into the hillside at Porthcurno telegraph station in 1940.

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