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When you are booked in heartbreak hotel, you know that you have to let it out.You will be surprised by the sheer number of websites out there that are jostling to hear your cries.

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In the past year, it has advised major tech companies on how to counter the problem.

In recent months, both Twitter and Reddit have taken steps to curb revenge porn.

"They've been trained to focus in most cases on cyberstalking [and] cyberbullying -- where there's some overt threat of bodily harm." She says in revenge porn cases, victims feel ashamed, "but there's no imminent threat to you ...

so they're not going to make it a priority." Part of the obstacle is how revenge porn cases are prosecuted.

Tricia Walsh Smith’s video in 2008 is a famous example.

She describes her ordeals and makes embarrassing claims about her husband and his family.

They said, 'Next time don't be identifiable if you choose to do something like this,'" Jane said.

Jane's attorney, Daliah Saper, says it's difficult for law enforcement to understand the nature of revenge porn.

Pictures and videos taken on her honeymoon were posted online by her ex-husband.

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