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Ms Rickard said the ACCC did not have the resources to police the huge number of incidents being reported to them each year and catching just one scammer was incredibly difficult."It is incredibly resource-intensive and requires cooperation with overseas agencies to catch just one person," she said."In terms of the amount of romance scams out there, catching one would have very little impact."Ms Rickard said reporting scams to Scamwatch helped the organisation form an understanding of the size of the problem, devote resources to the issue and develop educational campaigns to warn the public.The gang was suspected to be headed by a pair of lovers – a Nigerian man, aged 36, and a Malaysian woman, 46.

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Australians are delivering millions of dollars into the hands of scammers each year in the hope of romance and love, but many incidents are going unreported.

Just in the month of January, Scamwatch data reveals Australians lost an astonishing $1.8 million to dating and romance scams.

The ACCC was also working with the intermediaries scammers are using to contact victims, including banks and dating and social media sites to help them put checks and measures in place.

This week, a South Australian man opened up about his three-month dialogue with a Russian woman he met on a popular Australian dating website, but whom he believes was a scammer.Dine and dash Last month, an American man going by the name of Paul Gonzales was exposed as having pulled a “dine and dash” stunt on scores of women in the US state of California who he met on dating app Bumble and dating website Plenty of Fish.The 44-year-old took a string of victims on first dates in which he ordered expensive, hearty meals and later rushed off to take a phone call just before the bill arrived and never returned.The man was trying to send money overseas after repeated requests from the woman, but was alerted by his bank to the fact he was probably being swindled.Ms Rickard said it was important for people to share their stories, no matter how embarrassed they may be."The more people stand up and talk about it, the better it is for other people," she said."It takes a long time before people wake up to the fact they have been scammed because they want to believe in this wonderful relationship."Do you think you may have been scammed?The manager of a local trading company made six transfers to the fraudster’s account after first making contact with the man in March of that year through an undisclosed dating platform.

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