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If you are a single woman looking for a stable relationship with a stable man, watch out for guys who communicate (through words or actions) the following: “Fun is my middle name—reliability ain’t.” There’s nothing wrong with having fun, of course.

No woman wants to be with someone who is perpetually uptight. ” Who can criticize someone for wanting to live fully in the present moment? Sure, but once again there can be too much of a good thing.

But when fun-loving and lighthearted cross over into unreliable and irresponsible, the teeter-totter lands on the ground with a painful thud. Being alive and alert in the present doesn’t mean disregarding the future.

Prudent preparation and planning for tomorrow may help a person savor today.

Of course getting injured wasn't something intentional on his part but he knew he had rehearsals, why did he go then?

Baekhyun at least acted like he cared for his fans after his scandal went out while Kai only writes on the main homepage so fans never knew what he was thinking.

Pann: Japanese reactions to Kai and Krystal "Kai will have less otakus now" "Amazing that he still went on a public date knowing that journalists followed him last time when he was with Taemin" "I realized while looking at Dispatch's pictures that Krystal has a large face" "He said in his vivi interview that he liked women who resemble him and that he would confess his feelings for a woman like that.

Well, looks like he already did." "Even the style of clothes that he said he liked on a woman is what Krystal is wearing.

“Rules are made to be broken.” Our society champions and applauds nonconformists—artists, entrepreneurs, inventors.

These are the people who challenge assumptions and kick down doors for the sake of progress and innovation.

[ 25, -5] The reason Kai's getting more hate than Baekhyun is because Kai was never like Baekhyun who took a moment at least to write something meaningful for the fans.

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