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Sometimes they are referred to as laufhaus, other times eros centers, sauna clubs and FKK’s as well. We want to start out by saying there are many different types of brothels in Munich.As we mentioned before many of the erotic massage parlors are effectively brothels, and the line between a laufhas or a standard brothel can be quite thin.There are some erotic massage parlors around town that are basically just brothels that give you a pretend massage before the sex begins.

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It is located close to the Westendstraffe Train Station and there are a lot of erotic massage parlors on the walk from the train to Sunshine.

There are also a lot of apartment style brothels around town similar to what you find when looking for sex in Kiev.

There are also many smaller brothels and you can easily find prostitutes online here.

When you find prostitutes online they will generally lead you to a brothel.

If you have never been to a laufhaus brothel before check out that link which breaks down what they are like.

A cliffs note version is they are nice spa type places that have many naked girls walking around inside.Three of the nicest laufhas brothels in Munich would be Vitalia, Laierkasten, and Caeser’s Palace.Here you will get the luxury treatment and have some of the hottest prostitutes in the city to choose from.This post about finding girls for sex in Munich will break down what are some of those better options will be.There are some very nice FKK laufhaus brothels in Munich, but some will tell you they aren’t as nice as others around Germany.You can just walk up to the brothel if you know the location, or you can find the girls online and then get directions.

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