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The three reviews on IMDb all write it off as drek as well. He's got as much personality as the tin of chopped tomatoes that I'm going to use for my dinner tonight.

And no, it's not great by anybody's standards but I must admit I was entertained (but then again I'm entertained by poking sleeping dogs with a stick). He would have been perfect as cyborg in Italian post-apocalypse movies.

This film isn't gonna be on anybody's favourite film list anywhere in the world.

Even some kid who's only got this one tape in his collection and who lives on a deserted island isn't gonna hold it as his fave film. Earlier I talked about how it's not a sequel but if you must count it as a sequel to WAR BUS it actually becomes even worse because the first film is a masterpiece in comparison.

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They find the school bus and although it's a slow moving motherfucker they decide to use it to transport them back to civilisation.

And nothing can stop this old heap of junk; not Russian army helicopters, tanks, machine guns, bazookas, fire, hand-grenades, foul language, nothing!!!

Upon his arrival home he's told his dad is in hospital.

On his death bed Johnny's father, a high ranking US soldier, tells his son that soon he'll be asked to go on a mission and that it's an impossible mission. Now it's Hondo Jnr.'s job to go in, get the papers, and get out again.

One of the two POW's is played by Bobby Rhodes who you'll recognised if you're into horror films; he was the black pimp in Lamberto Bava's DEMONS!

AFGANISTAN - THE LAST WAR BUS is written off by most blogs as pretty shitty.

But I've checked various Italian web sites and it seems the film was actually released in Italy under the English language title of AFGANISTAN - THE LAST WAR BUS.

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