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Today I guess my wheel thought that enough was enough!!!

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After re-gluing each time, it has now been in use for 24 years.

I have a 20 year old Ashford Traditional which I sent for as a finished kit directly from New Zealand.

I'd be interested to know whether these figures are about average for an Ashford Traditional, though, or whether there is still tuning I could do. PS On looking up the PZ article mentioned above, she quotes 40 revs without the drive band as reasonable. She also mentions a tight connection between footman & axle as being a source of friction on old wheels. I have an Ashford Traditional, obtained as a kit in 1972 from New Zealand. In 1975 it blew off the back of the station wagon, tumbled down a hill, and all that broke was the glue joint on the hub.

When we moved in 1978, it was knocked over and the hub broke again.

Just stop the footman in the right place, and never have to touch the wheel. Regarding a drive belt falling off an old Traditional: this can occur as a result of the spinning wheel getting knocked out of alignment or following the fitting of a new flyer.

Please try the following: 1) Loosen the screws (or bolts on later models) holding the wheel support legs and single leg to the side rails. As you do so you will observe that the wheel and flyer whorl can be brought closer into alignment. If the frame pulls back to its original position retry this operation a couple more times with the frame in slightly different positions.Maybe if I were spinning for hours I would get foot-ache sooner, but I don't get the chance to do that much!Where I lived before I was near a supplier who had done the ball-bearing upgrade on his own wheel, and wondered about having it done.Then I hit a snag, I just couldn't seem to install the new upgraded parts.I was so used to my old wheel and it was working so well that I used the items that I needed from the maintenance kit and shoved the rest of the items in a drawer and went merrily spinning along.To add to my problem was the fact that my old bobbins were so old that the glue wasn't holding anymore and they kept falling apart on the wheel.

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