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In light of the recent #Me Too movement which was sparked by several women bringing forward allegations of sexual abuse against Hollywood hotshot Harvey Weinstein, claiming he abused his power to manipulate women, we are now starting to see many other names in the entertainment industry being mention An incredible film documenting the rise of Vladimir Putin, detailing how a poor boy from a small apartment located in St.

Petersburg managed to not only escape poverty but become one of the worlds most powerful leaders.

Putin, admired by Trump and feared by his rivals is now on the cusp of being A short film by the BBC which sees three people sit down and tell their stories of living with mental health conditions and how they individually manage and deal with delusions which vary from the bizarre and peculiar, to the sinister and terrifying.

Blogger Sophie Eliza began hearing voices at the When we are born we already know one thing, we have too little time, much too little time.

Add the guide that will demystify waivers to your bookshelf!

The Trump administration has implemented policies that will undermine the independence of immigration judges and weaken due process in the immigration court system.

He may have served his time for those convictions but the question still remains, did he get away with murder?

Simpson was released from prison after serving nine years for several offences including robbery, weapons and assault convictions.

This feature is useful for a variety of apps, including continuous glucose monitors, surfing apps connected to surfboards with embedded sensors, and sports apps connected to tennis rackets or baseball bats with embedded swing analyzers.

Information is sent directly to Apple Watch so users can immediately make adjustments.* In addition to workout apps, a variety of other apps now have the ability to run in the background.

Siri Kit supports apps for fitness, payments, rides, and messages so users can ask Siri to start a workout, send money, book a ride, and more.

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