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With increasing video file sizes, the ease of filming them with your phone, and the speed of downloading the ones you find online, you can quickly fill up your hard drive and cloud storage space.

If you need a few more GBs, you can sign up for a Real Player Premium subscription or an Unlimited subscription.

The online video downloader from Real Player works with multiple web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. Depending on the browser you can click the file on the bottom bar of your web browser or open if from your My Downloads folder. You will notice the Real Player Downloader at the top of your browser reacting to the content, letting you know if there’s is a video available for download. As the video downloads, it will appear in the Real Player Downloader window. Simply click on the newly downloaded video to start enjoying offline viewing!

Here’s how to start downloading videos in just a couple of clicks. Install Real Player to access Real Player Downloader on your Desktop Computer for . From here you can watch you downloaded video in your Real Player Library.

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